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GVI signed strategic partnership with local partner (" Founder Book" ) and launche GVI – Australia

Recently announced strategic partnership with GVI (Gold Venture Investments).

We have formally signed an agreement with Mr. Goutham Bandaru the owner and the CEO - of Founder's Book that represents GVI in Australia with the aim to assist start-ups to build their operation and penetrate the Australian market.

As a company that is incorporated in Australia, they are well connected to the Innovation eco-system in Australia and can assist the start-ups in e raising funds and commercializing their product in the Australian market.

On the other around GVI - Australia can assist Australian start-ups to expand their business via GVI global network and assist them in following investment rounds.

One of our biggest advantages is that we are the founders of Founders' Book, which supports founders and early-stage start-ups in GVI's global community.

Founders’ Book, an Australia-based “Digital Content Library” for first-time entrepreneurs and early-stage startups is joining hands with Israel-based Gold Ventures Investment (GVI) to support entrepreneurs, startups and partners in its network of 30+ countries.

Many first-time entrepreneurs struggle with the knowledge gap when it comes to building and scaling startups. Founders’ Book aims to bridge that gap by educating them with guides, checklists and a huge library of tools and resources.

Founders’ Book delivers this in three ways, the digital content library itself, Startup OS - a pre-built Notion template to plan, build and scale startups and Startup Credits - providing startups access to up to USD $500,000 in credits and benefits from 200+ SaaS providers. Learn more about Founders’ Book and its offerings here. Its Founder, Goutham Bandaru says “Our sole purpose is to educate, encourage and empower founders and early-stage startups and equip them with the best tools and resources supporting their venture building process in the earliest stages”

On the partnership with GVI, he says “This is the best thing that happened to us in the last 10 months of being operational, this partnership will get us a lot closer to entrepreneurs in 30+ countries and growing GVI network globally”

“We are glad to be supporting over 1000 founders globally and receiving amazing feedback so far on how they leveraged Founders’ Book to take their startups to next level.”

If you would like to access Founders’ Book or join the GVI community, see here or contact your GVI’s local partner.

About Founders’ Book: Founders’ Book is the #1 platform for first-time founders and early-stage startups with tools and resources to plan, build, launch and scale their startups.

About GVI:. GVI is a global investment banking company based in Israel and Europe( Austria/ Bulgaria ), running an Incubator in Israel, and cooperating with some accelerators across the border.

GVI cooperating with GVI's international partners in 30 countries (Israel, Europe, LATAM, USA, Asia, Africa ) that manage groups of Investors and assist the start-ups companies in fundraising and global expansion.

The founder of GVI Mr . Kobi ( Jacob ) Kalderon represents ( as an advisor ) VC that is based in Israel that call ROAD 2 and some VCs from Europe and USA that looking for promising companies.( you can see my position in this Link )

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