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About the Incubator

GVI is the home for dozens of creative and revolutionary Israeli  and global Startups, in diversified fields (Fintech, Medical device , health care , Security, Cyber, Agriculture, Entertainment etc).

GVI has its unique program for startups at various stages of development, with the opportunity of investment.

Another strategic business activity we lead organization to establish an "Innovation –Center" that can produce an endless stream of successful products, services and/or business models which add value to their customers and increase their sustainability.

In order to maintain its position as a leading Incubator, GVI collaborates with various partners and global investors in Israel and  in Europe, USA and Asia.

GVI knows the fields of interest from the global investors and based on that, provide them scouting & evaluation services by analyzing the ventures and invite the relevant companies to investment events in the global mark to pitch their ventures and participate in B2B meetings

GVI has its unique program for startups at various stages of development, with the opportunity of investment.

 that explain the unique concept of GVI (Gold Venture incubator )-we invite you to click on the-Link.


Kobi Kalderon is the CEO of Gold Ventures Incubator.

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Signal Corps, CEO and founder of Gold Career, Business Development Manager at NGsoft and Aurora, Business mentor at Goren Business Solutions.

Kobi is managing partner of global accelerators In Europe and strategic partner of EBAN -European Business Angels Forum.
Kobi represent Israeli VC -Road 2 in Europe. 

Kobi is responsible for the existence of many professional training centers in various sectors such as: Mechanics, Electronics and Hi-Tech and took part in many projects in peripheral areas, resulting in the successful integration of thousands of people into technological work places.

Kobi holds a B.A. in Business Administration and he is a Practical Electronic Engineer.

Kobi has over 12 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Sales, mentoring early stage Start-ups and leading the business activity of GVI.

Kobi is also the ''Head of the Innovation Center in Israel  in the Chamber of Information & Technology'' 

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