Bridge Venture 360

"Bridge Venture 360" is a unique platform that GVI (Gold Venture Incubator) initiated with global partners in countries that are looking for innovation.

This new program enables each country to build strategic operations that can leverage the business activities of enterprises that are looking for new and disruptive products. In this program, GVI has opened a dedicated desk that enables foreign markets to open an agency in Israel, to be close to the opportunities and provide all the commercial information regarding the countries which they represent, in Israel.

In this program we attract Israeli and Foreign companies to launch their product for raising funds from potential investors, getting comprehensive services from mentors and consultants to go to market successfully.     

We help Governments and public sectors to establish this programs in regional parks to help them grow in all aspects of innovation and commercialization activities.

Here are some of the main activities in this program:

  • Scouting and evaluation services to each market while focusing on innovation and technological solutions.  

  • Exporting GVI methodology to local Incubators/Accelerators that can attract Israeli and Foreign startup companies to establish their entity in the park.

  • Sharing global knowledge via GVI's global mentors, consultant and experts (especially from Israel) that can add their global experience to enhance the startups.

  • Providing risk analysis and due diligence services to Investors, Venture Capital Funds, Angels Investors and Family Offices to identify potential companies for immediate investment or investing a preliminary budget in Early stage startups that will pass an incubation plan in

Inviting foreign startups to Israel to launch their product as a beta site and learn about all aspects of GVI's Methodology and how to convert an idea to a Global Company.

Global partners

  • Eyal Goldzand

    Account Manager investor Relationship
  • Gabriel Hayon

    Diplomatic - Busniess Manager
  • David Brone

    GVI strategic partner in life science USA
  • Noa Schecter

    Coordinator USA
  • Jonathan Perry

    GVI strategic partner in USA
  • Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes MD MBA

    GVI-Global partner
  • Emerson Espínola

    GVI strategic partner in Brazil

  • Marcelo Lebendiker

    GVI-Partner in Costa Rica
  • Alex de Jong

    GVI strategic mentor in Austria
  • Andrew Bartkowski

    GVI - Partner in Poland- Krakow
  • Piotr Przymusiala

    GVI strategic Partner in Poland
  • Chris Parjaszewski

    GVI strategic partner –Poland &Founder /CEO skygate
  • Vikas Malhotra

    GVI-partner in Poland
  • Paul Sulllivan

    GVI strategic partner in UK
  • Vivienne O'Keeffe

    GVI- partner in Ireland
  • John Hartnett

    GVI-partner in Ireland
  • Eran Shay

    GVI Strategic partner in Gibraltar
  • Ayelet Mamo Shay

    GVI Strategic partner in Gibraltar
  • Amy Chen

    GVI strategic partner in China
  • Phoenix Zhao

    GVI strategic partner in China
  • Jonas Tesfu

    GVI-Partner in Africa
  • Anny Lawi

    GVI-Partner in Africa
  • Robin Nguyen

    GVI – Partner in Vietnam
  • David Wells

    GVI - Partner in Australia
  • Santosh Kotnis

    GVI-Partner in India
  • Doron Landau

    GVI-partner in Myanmar
  • Israel Pons

    GVI-Partner in Mexcio
  • Mark Bordoloi

    GVI-partner in India
  • Andreas Dittrich

    GVI - partner in Germany
  • Claus D. Hagenhoff

    GVI-partner in germany
  • Karena Belin

    GVI-partner in Honk Kong

Strategic Partners



Specialized Strategic Consulting & Investment

Kobi Kalderon

CEO & Founder

+972 52-525-6123

Skype: Goldts1

Dvora HaNevia 121,

Atidim Park, Tel-Aviv 

Rishon LeZion

Mazal Eliezer 4

  • LinkedIn

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