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Bridge Venture 360

"Bridge Venture 360" is a unique platform that GVI (Gold Venture Incubator) initiated with global partners in countries that are looking for innovation.

This new program enables each country to build strategic operations that can leverage the business activities of enterprises that are looking for new and disruptive products. In this program, GVI has opened a dedicated desk that enables foreign markets to open an agency in Israel, to be close to the opportunities and provide all the commercial information regarding the countries which they represent, in Israel.

In this program we attract Israeli and Foreign companies to launch their product for raising funds from potential investors, getting comprehensive services from mentors and consultants to go to market successfully.     

We help Governments and public sectors to establish these programs in regional high tech parks to help them grow in all aspects of innovation and commercialization activities based on GVI Pentagon Model" that created a vibrant ecosystem, interconnecting and motivating all stakeholders: Public and Private sectors, Universities, Investors and Entrepreneurs, maximizing National resources, excellency, needs and human capital.

Here are some of the main activities in this program:

  • Scouting and evaluating services to each market while focusing on innovation and technological solutions.  

  • Exporting GVI methodology to local Incubators/Accelerators that can attract Israeli and Foreign startup companies to establish their entity in the park.

  • Sharing global knowledge via GVI's global mentors, consultants, and experts (especially from Israel) that can add their global experience to enhance the startups.

  • Providing risk analysis and due diligence services to Investors, Venture Capital Funds, Angels Investors, and Family Offices to identify potential companies for immediate investment or investing a preliminary budget in Early-stage startups that will pass an incubation plan.

Inviting foreign startups to Israel to launch their product as a beta site and learn about all aspects of GVI's Methodology and how to convert an idea to a Global Company.

We invite you to take a look and read an article about GVI concept - click on the link 

GVI Global partners

Strategic Partners

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