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Kobi Kalderon - Business Development Manager in Europe and Venture partner of Road 2

Road 2 announcement :

We have the honor to announce that Mr. Kobi (Jacob) Kalderon, Founder & CEO of Gold Ventures Investment (GVI) is joining the Road2 team, where he will serve as VP Business Development for Europe.

We look forward to fruitful and constructive cooperation between Road2 and GVI for accelerating startups in Europe. Specializing in strategic consulting and investments, GVI is renowned for scouting, evaluating, and investing in innovative solutions.

A serial hi-tech entrepreneur, Kobi has vast experience in backing and mentoring new startups, raising capital, enhancing partnerships, and achieving global commercialization

The formal announcement in Linkedin click on the link

Road 2 is one of the biggest and most successful VC and acceleration programs in Israel :

solving today’s real-life challenges by offering access to the first of its kind Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence in Israel. Powered by NVIDIA and accompanied by their top in-house engineers,

Road 2 revolutionizing the ideas of accessibility, affordability, and scalability to drive the highest business impact.

You can access an infrastructure based on data-driven intelligence and shared learning. Deliver objectives by exploring, testing, creating algorithms, and perform algo-training using our high-powered, on-premises labs.

The unique innovation center developed by Road2 empowers startups to accelerate breakthroughs and evolve professionally

For more information about Rioad2 click on the Link


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