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Scale via Poland

GVI is happy to announce that we have built a strategic program with Maverick Nation, a strategic GVI partner in Poland that can assist startups to scale up in the Polish market and beyond totally at ZERO cost.

You can look at the press release by clicking on this Link

This partnership will open the door for Israeli and other GVI portfolio global companies to expand to the 42M+ Polish market by getting actual customer and investor meetings, win EU and Polish Gov. grants of up to EUR 2.5M or even offshore their development work at about 50% of the cost in their home country.

You are more than welcome to participate in a special international event that GVI will organize on September 15 and 22 at 5 PM CEST

Maverick Nation, a startup community building startup success stories in the emerging world brings you a real growth opportunity via Poland (no B*S*).

As part of our strategic partnership GVI startups will get :

  • For FREE set up an EU company in Poland, all admin expenses are covered for up to 12 months

  • For FREE: Test if the Polish market is right for you. Within 3 months, talk to 15+ customers, sell your product in the Polish market - continue into W. Europe

  • FREE: Apply to Technology / R&D Grants from Polish Gov. and win up to EUR 2.5M with a success rate of 65%

The agenda :

  1. Introduction to Maverick Nation.

  2. How does the Polish market operate for foreign startups, in general?

  3. Which opportunities has Maverick Nation created for Global startups via Poland (in Poland and, then, EU)?

  4. Which other opportunities are being created in near future?

  5. Which categories of global startups are the best fit for these opportunities?

  6. How do the grants work in Poland and EU?

Questions and Answers.

If you like to participate in this event please send your request to and we'll send you an invitation with a Zoom link


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