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GVI signs a strategic partnership with Maverick Nation in Poland

GVI has recently signed a strategic partnership with Maverick Nation, an organization creating opportunities for global startups in Poland and other Central & Eastern European (CEE) countries.

This partnership will open the door for Israeli and other GVI portfolio global companies to expand to the 42M+ Polish market by getting actual customer and investor meetings, win EU and Polish Gov. grants of up to EUR 2.5M or even offshore their development work at about 50% of the cost in their home country. The best news: It’s all zero cost for GVI startups.

Maverick Nation is a company based in Poland that creates growth opportunities for startups in Poland and CEE region, home to about 150M people. Focusing primarily on medium to large sized companies as clients, Maverick Nation has helped 27 tech companies win 59 customers in 61 foreign markets with a win rate of 84% and deal size of US$ 143K.

Maverick Nation has a team of grant specialists with more than 10 years of experience that come with a track record of 65-70% grant applications won with more than 40 applications won totalling EUR 50M in grants.

GVI is a global investment banking company based in Israel and Europe (Austria), running an Incubator in Israel, and cooperating with various accelerators across the world, cooperating with GVI's international partners in 30 countries (Israel, Europe, LATAM, USA, Asia, Africa), manages groups of investors and assists start-up companies in fundraising and global expansion.

The founder & CEO of GVI is Mr. Kobi (Jacob) Kalderon, who also represents (as an advisor) a VC based in Israel called ROAD 2, and various VCs from Europe and the US which are always looking to invest in promising companies.


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