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Post-COVID, Israel is closer to Europe than ever before, with GVI and skygate

Israeli stratup are actively expanding toward EU via Poland

The situation in recent months has been unprecedented. In the midst of a steady stream of earth-shattering situations, like stock market peaks and collapses and supply chain disruptions, global brands are distancing themselves from China.

Last Thursday, on July 2nd, 2020 – an important webinar took place with Kobi Kalderon, CEO at GVI, Chris Parjaszewski, CEO at skygate, Maciek Sadowski, CEO at Startup Hub Poland and Vikas Malhotra – Chief Strategy Officer, Member of the Board at Startup Hub Poland.

Destination: Corporations!

What’s wrong with most startups? A lot of them solve problems, very often obscure ones. However, validation cycles can take months if not years – plus a typical business discovery process burns a lot of investor cash.

The rules have now changed, with corporations telling us their problems upfront. That’s exactly what makes GVI different from other incubators and accelerators. Last Thursday, July 2nd – skygate and partners organized its first online Corporate Reverse Pitching event – called the skyexpo match.

Let’s say you’re an innovative team from Tel Aviv, with positive feedback from 2 Israeli healthcare companies. How do you know your solutions will be a good fit for Europe? Here’s where the power of networking comes into play. Long story short – your startup can set up meetings with corporate decision-makers much faster now!

skygate opens up its office in Tel-Aviv!

skygate brings innovation to corporations on a continuous basis. When dealing with huge markets, there’s never one problem to solve, but rather an ongoing stream of problems. The answer is simple – an ongoing stream of solutions.

Meet with us in downtown Tel-Aviv to discuss how your startup can find a matching corporation in Europe. What’s more – if you need any help building / expanding your product – you’ll find complimentary R&D services from skygate as a technology integrator.

Access European grants with Startup Hub Poland and KPMG!

Right now, the European Union is warming up its frozen post-COVID economy. New grants are being announced and old grants are also easier to get as evaluation committees are now more forgiving. This creates momentum, a better time than ever to accelerate expansion into Europe. Some Israeli teams are also deciding to move entirely to Europe.

Very often, a requirement from Polish grant organizations is that jobs must be created in Poland. It has never been easier with GVI, skygate and it’s partners. We’ll analyze your venture and help you build a team to meet grant criteria, and we’re talking up to €5M here!

You can reach out to Startup Hub Poland and KPMG, as both these companies have a great track record in accessing EU grants combined with something rare in Poland – an understanding of international business.

Where to start? Just follow the steps below.

Silesia - is observing a considerable rise in interest from post-China manufacturers

In June 2020 alone, over 30 plots of 2ha or more have been sold to international players in just one region of Poland – Silesia. There are reasons the Japanese government is convincing its business owners to relocate production plants away from China.

This opens up great opportunities for Silesia, an industrial region that generates a huge portion of Polish GDP and happens to be the third-largest poly-centric metropolitan area in the EU.

Clusters for the win!

Two noteworthy international clusters to start your journey with are:

  • SINOTAIC – Silesian Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence Cluster

  • MedSilesia – affecting the shape of the medical industry at a global level

Accessing the industry and medical sector has never been easier for Israeli companies.

Poland - hidden Healthcare epicenter:

Poland conducted the first heart transplant attempt back in 1967, only two years after the first successful transplant took place in Cape Town. Despite the complications from the dark days of communism and the Iron Curtain, Poland’s innovative spirit shone through.

For many reasons, it’s a great destination for healthcare and pharmaceutical innovations, great talent, and the presence of international industry leaders.

Pre-seed incubation and acceleration, fundraising mentorship program.

If you’re seeking money – here’s how GVI, Startup Hub Poland, and skyincubator can help. You’ll find a combination of free-of-charge and paid services including – working space, mentoring, business development, and business representation. Also, a warm introduction to a trusted group of mentors, angel investors, and local partners.

One simple rule – you need to work hard and stay focused.

GVI and skygate announce an official partnership

In the last 3 years, GVI and skygate have inspired a lot of entrepreneurs to raise funds, scale their operations, and expand with confidence. With a growing community of startups, angels, VCs, mentors, corporations, and engineers – in Israel, Poland but also other countries worldwide – it’s no coincidence that these two companies are joining forces, officially announcing their strategic partnership.


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