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GVI-SpringUp Capital strategic partneship.

“ Gold Venture Investment (GVI) and SpringUp Capital and announced the partnership to build the ecosystem of Startups, Mentors/Advisors, Investors and growth experts to help innovative ideas across India, Israel and Europe. This partnership program is aimed to help global startups to gain a competitive advantage by facilitating quicker access to global market and help them mature”

Both SpringUp and GVI have a common vision of providing growth to technology enabled startups and this partnership will enable both the companies to diversify their reach across India, APAC, Europe, Israel, Middle East and US.

About GVI: GVI is a global investment company that help startups in fund raising and global expansion by teaming up with global partners that bring their added value in market entry strategy .

GVI is also boosting the creation of Innovation Ecosystems in different countries, states and municipalities worldwide, with our unique pentagon model, motivating the five actors of the ecosystem to collaborate: Entrepreneurs, Government, Capital, Academy and Industry. please visit company website ( Link)

About SpringUp: SpringUp Capital is a global start-up accelerator and venture fund with a vision to mentor and scale up global start-ups across business segments and geographies. With unique “Land & Expand Program, SpringUp helps European startups to start India/APAC business operations without much overheads. Spring Up Capital is supported by global investment, global accelerator programs and technology start-up ecosystem; who will enable global technology companies to grow their business by providing expertise, ecosystem and capital for the growth. Please visit company website ( Link)


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