GVI signed a strategic partnership with STREETCEOs - Accelerator In Africa

GVI (Gold Venture Investments) and STREETCEOs, a Cobai Global Resources Company have signed an agreement to facilitate startup funding and expansion between Nigeria and all of Africa. GVI is an Israel-based organization that supports entrepreneurs, startups and partners in its network of 30+ countries.

STREETCEOs is a 24Hrs Tech Startup Accelerator Reality TV Platform that Mentors and prepare Tech Startups to become Investable. STREETCEOs mentors Tech Startup entrepreneurs how to launch and raise investments and also connects with her global pool of partners and investors.

The agreement was signed by GVI founder and CEO Mr Kobi (Jacob) Kalderon and STREETCEOs CEO and Founder Mr Charles Idonije.

“We’re happy to partner with GVI as this will assist startups in Nigeria and all of Africa to connect with investors and soft landing partners in the Silicon Valley, NYC, Europe and across the world,” Charles said.

“We’re happy to say that as a world’s first 24Hrs Tech Startup Reality TV Accelerator Platform, with global partnership spanning from Media & Distribution, Financials, FMCGs, and Tech Hubs etc. Our partnership with GVI adds a large number of investors, Mentors etc to our network and we’re happy to assist startups and investors from other parts of the world to expand to Nigeria and other African countries where we’re fully represented,” Charles Idonije continued.

“GVI can assist African Tech start-ups to expand their business via GVI global network and assist them in follow on investment rounds,” Kalderon said.

GVI founder Mr Kobi (Jacob) Kalderon represents VCs based in Israel through ROAD 2 and VCs from Europe and USA that looking for promising companies around the world.

“We believe in partnerships that are mutually beneficial and so we have partners in over 30 countries,” Kalderon continued.

About STREETCEOs: STREETCEOs is a 24Hrs Tech Startup Accelerator Reality TV Platform that Mentors and prepare Tech Startups to become Investable. It enables founders and early-stage startups to launch and scale their startups to become Investable and global brands.

Learn more at https://www.streetceostv.com

About GVI:. GVI is a global investment banking company based in Israel and Europe (Austria/ Bulgaria), running an Incubator in Israel, and cooperating with accelerators across the world.

GVI cooperates with GVI's international partners in 30 countries (Israel, Europe, LATAM, USA, Asia, and Africa) that manage groups of Investors and assist the start-ups companies in fundraising and global expansion.

Learn more at https://www.goldventuresinvestment.com/