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Gold Ventures Investment Austria Announce Strategic Partnership with myNexus to Empower Start-up Ecosystem with Advanced Risk Assessment Tools

‘GVI ( Gold Venture Investment ) will begin using the myNexus Frisk tool to evaluate the business maturity and investment readiness of companies applying to its Soft-Landing Program.


GVI – June 10, 2024 – myNexus, a provider of cutting-edge insight tools that improve entrepreneurial capability, and Gold Ventures Investment (GVI) a global investment advisory company together with their strategic partner in Austria are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing risk assessment and global scaling opportunity for early-stage businesses in the DACH region as a Gateway to the European market. This collaboration leverages myNexus' innovative Frisk assessment tool and GVI's robust Soft-Landing Program for Startups, to help businesses establish a strong presence in Austria as a platform for growth.


Under this partnership GVI will integrate a specially modified version of the Frisk assessment tool, developed by myNexus, into its suite of services. Frisk is a state-of-the-art solution that analyses 350 data points to evaluate the business maturity and investment readiness of startups and scaleups, removing bias and enabling founders and investors to enhance their strategic planning. This tool will be instrumental for GVI as it supports companies in navigating the complexities of scaling up in the Austrian and DACH markets, and out to the global market.


Key Aspects of the Collaboration:


1. Deployment of Frisk Assessment Tool: GVI will incorporate Frisk into its evaluation and assessment of companies applying to its program, offering clients unparalleled insights into their risk profiles and stage of development. This integration will empower businesses to identify areas for support early and devise effective mitigation strategies, ensuring smoother and faster transition to business success.


2. Soft-Landing Program: Part of GVI's support ecosystem, the Soft-Landing Program is designed to help international businesses seamlessly integrate into the Austrian market and provide access to the GVI Global network of opportunity for businesses already established in the region. This initiative improves the conversion rates of startups to successfully achieve fundraising and expand into global commercialization by providing access to the essential resources needed to accelerate market entry. The program facilitates connections with key stakeholders and provides tailored support to establish offices in Vienna, obtain grants from public institutions and raise capital from private investors.


3. Enhanced Business Support: By combining myNexus' technological solutions with GVI's extensive market expertise, the partnership will deliver enhanced support to businesses looking to scale up. Clients will benefit from a holistic approach that addresses both strategic risk management and operational scaling, and their participation will contribute to future development of Frisk.


Kobi Kalderon, founder and CEO of Gold Ventures Investments said -

“A key part of GVI's strategy is to minimize investors' risk as well as to make sure that startups are prepared to raise funds and expand globally. Through our strategic partnership with myNexus, we expect that our startups will be able to achieve their goals. Additionally, we will advise our investors what companies they should pay more attention to, and we will work with GVI global mentorship and support to guide startups in the right direction.”


James McMillan, co-founder and CEO of myNexus said -

“We are thrilled to partner with Gold Ventures Investment Austria. This collaboration underscores our mission to provide innovative data-driven solutions that drive higher rates of business success, and therefore economic growth. When we first met with the GVI team we could immediately see that we shared the same goals and aspirations for business success. By integrating Frisk with GVI's Soft-Landing Program, we combine our strengths to deliver unparalleled insights on companies looking to expand in the region further improving success of founders and helping them avoid common pitfalls."


For details on the Frisk assessment tool, please visit


For more information on GVI’s Soft Landing Programme, please visit


About myNexus


myNexus Limited is a UK-based SaaS and EdTech company innovating in the pre-series A investment sector to create insight tools that combine people, technology and data to power entrepreneurial capability. myNexus works to tackle investment process bias and improve investment in underfunded communities and ultimately increase economic growth through higher rates of entrepreneur success. With the ultimate goal of building a sustainable ecosystem of tools, with a smart-matching investment platform at its core, myNexus has developed two proprietary tools:

Frisk, a self-evaluation questionnaire that takes less than 15 minutes to complete and analyses over 350 data points to report business maturity and investment readiness across ideation, market fit, team, resources and traction.

Entrepreneur Skills Index, a game-based business simulation that assesses the entrepreneurial skills and potential of startup founders resulting in a psychometric-style report on entrepreneurial type



About Gold Ventures Investment and GVI Austria (operated by Rea Kamberi Consulting GmbH under license from Gold Ventures Investment Global)


GVI is a global investment advisory company based in Europe (Austria), cooperating with accelerators, incubators, and investors across the border. GVI works with select international partners in 30 countries (Israel, Europe, LATAM, USA, Asia, Africa) that manage groups of Investors and assist the startups companies in fundraising and global expansion


By partnering with Austrian strategic partner Rea Kamberi Consulting GmbH, GVI assists foreign startups to join our Soft-Landing program, which includes:

1. Establishing a subsidiary or headquarters in Austria and appointing an Austrian managing director.

2. Obtaining a grant from a governmental institution to inject up to 3 million EUR for three years, building the startups' R&D centre in Vienna.

3. Assisting the startups building their marketing strategy and business plan for scaling up to DACH region.

4. Raising funds from private investors and venture capital firms.

5.Commercialization - closing commercial contracts with potential clients through sales and marketing



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