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We are in the midst of the application season for Fusion batch #9.

We’re looking to work with Israel-led, pre-seed start-ups from all industries that want to grow their company in the US market. We usually like to be the first money in and/or invest alongside friends and family.

Over the past 4 years, we have backed 55 early-stage companies. Our portfolio companies raised more than $150M, and 70% of them have already raised post-program funding of $2M-$20M to scale their US operations. COVID didn't slow us down, in fact we "doubled down" and executed +20 new investments over the past 18 months.

If you know any relevant entrepreneurs, please forward them this email:

  • They can read about the way we work here.

  • Or directly APPLY to our accelerator (application deadline: Oct-10/batch starts: Nov-2021).

  • We run a quick 3-week DD process for $110,000 SAFE investment, and give clear feedback to every applicant.

Read the CTech article about our journey and investment thesis here.

Fusion is a “first-check” venture firm & an accelerator operating in TLV and in the US. We work with early-stage founders in the trenches, providing the first institutional capital and a support system to scale their company in the US. We help with first hires, products, customers, and fundraising. Visit

Among our alumni: Crowdvocate (backed by Wing VC, Vertex & GoAhead Ventures), Uniper Care (backed by Aleph & Oren Zeev), InnPlay Labs (backed by Target Global, VGames & Rainfall), Digital Owl (backed by Ibex Investors, Menora Mivtachim & Amnon Shashua), Magical (backed by Resolute Ventures), Setpoint (backed by Consensus Business Group), Agora RE (backed by Aleph), Hoopo (backed by Chartered Group & TAU Ventures), GiantLeap (backed by GoAhead), Upword (backed by Atooro Fund), Empirical (backed by Scopus Ventures), Behavidence (backed by Welltech Ventures) & Spetz (acquired by Paradox).


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