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The Importance of scouting new and innovative Technologies for Corporates during the COVID 19-crisis

Corporates can no longer ignore from the COVID 19-crisis.

On the hand, they are struggling with this complicated situation maintaining their business activities. On the other hand, they should rebuild and reorganize their business units especially when most employees are working from home.

A key factor is for the corporates is to analyze their core business strategy including their products and services, making sure they are still relevant or consider adapting new technologies that can fit to new market.

Corporates can no longer remain on the same track as they did for decades. They must embrace innovation and not fear it. Here are some advantages or reasons why Corporates should embrace innovation:

1. Innovation solves problems

When a company is on a daily basis putting out fires and deal with workload, there is not much time left to look for the future. Innovation can help with that!

2. Innovation lead to growth

Innovation can make your business grow by adding competent manpower and new skills. The new generation has equipped itself with new skills, methods and ways of thinking that can only contribute to the growth of the business and thus lead to more revenues.

3. Innovation leads to a BRAND

If you purchase a new technology or adapting variety of new products it can allows you to be more productive faster and get better results from your competitors, you brand will sure scale up.

GVI, among other services, offers Governments, Municipalities, High-Tech Companies, Funds and Global Accelerators scouting services of potential innovative solutions.

Israel as a “startup nation”, can be a wide source of new technologies

We at GVI would be delighted to discuss opportunities, feel free to drop us a line.


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