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Some tips that every CEO of innovative company should take into account when applying to grant

what are the first steps to take towards achieving this goal?

Research shows that companies investing in R&D and innovation are more competitive worldwide, and by exporting their products and services, they contribute to the economic growth of their country. As a result, many countries have developed programs that aim to support these companies by providing them with funding and as a result, sharing with them the risks in developing innovative products and services.

For example Horizon Europe, the leading European program, with a total budget of 95.5 billion euros, Programs managed by the IIE (Israeli innovation authority in Israel), etc.

In many conversations we had with CEO's of innovative SME's and startups from different countries, we found out the following:

1. Many companies do not know what is the most appropriate program for them to apply for. 2. Some companies applied to programs that didn't fit, and therefore as a result they were dismissed.

3. Some companies put much effort and preparing a proposal, however, received low scores for the application.

4. Companies with negative experience in the process, usually do not tend to apply again for funding.

Our conclusion is that many companies do not have in-house, knowhow and experience in applying for governmental funding. Although they put much effort in the process, their efforts are not invested wisely, and therefore they reach poor results.

Receiving the support and guidance of an experienced consultant, from the very early stage when they think of applying for funding, can help them avoid putting efforts in the wrong direction, and achieving the poor results described above.

An experienced consultant can:

  • · Assist in analyzing the characteristics of the company regarding applying for funding, for a go/ no go decision,

  • Assist in finding the most appropriate program for them among the hundreds of programs,

  • Assist and support the proposal preparation process, which can include the process of finding partners, or joining a project in the preparation stages.

Nowadays finding an appropriate funding program, and preparing a successful proposal is a nontrivial task to overcome, as there is a vast number of funding programs, hundreds and more, with many conditions to check.

Based on our unique consulting expertise, which we gained in the field since 1998, with many successful results. Our vision in I. hayer consultants is to help any startup, company and organization that deals with innovation, to succeed in receiving governmental funding. By analyzing its characteristics. Finding the most appropriate funding program, and by helping in preparing an optimal application, and leading the company and decision-makers to successful results.

Written by I. hayer


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