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Soft landing for startups in Brazil strategic partnership

We are happy to announce that Gold Ventures Investment( GVI ) signed strategic partnership with Zancan Partners and Venture Capital and investors from Brazil which focuses on innovative start-ups including the incorporation of special purpose vehicles, drafting of business plans and the early stage, middle stage and later stage of the venture capital investment process.

Zancan Partners, Multi-Venture Capital Brazilian company that offers a mentoring structure and ecosystems focused on Open Innovation, focused on Startups, Corporations and Investments, announces its partnership in Brazil, with the GVI (Gold Venture investment).

Gold Ventures Investment ( GVI) , a global investment banking firm specializing in Strategic Consulting & Investment and Scouting of startups.

The collaboration creates a joint forces network on meeting among start-ups, investors and companies looking for new technologies and progressive ideas, both in Brazil and in the countries where Gold Ventures Investment operates.

With a worldwide team of more than 70 professionals and 30 operational offices across the border, two headquarters in Vienna and Tel-Aviv, investors and funds from Israel, Europe, Asia , Africa, and the United States,

Gold Ventures Investment & Zancan Partners will build a soft-landing program for Israeli and foreign startups that would include an open subsidiary in Brazil and with Zancan Partners professional services and support to assist them in market penetration and fundraising.

Our Experts assist investors in screening and evaluating the companies’ potential and in the execution of the evaluation process.

On the other way Zancan Partners give recommendations by identifying the potential Startups to make an initial investment in Brazil with the aim to pass a GVI acceleration program as a preliminary stage toward a significant investment

We invite you to look at a video by clicking in this Link

We invite you to look at the video about the advantages that Brazil in the speeches of the president of the IDB Link


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