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Scale up to Western Balkan and go global with GVI.

The Balkan region has made great progress, moving from war to peace, from disintegration to cooperative development and implementing democratic and economic reforms on the path towards EU integration. Good geographical location and European business culture are the basic advantages of the Balkans and the area represents a market of around 20 million people.

Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren located at Prizren Kosovo,

ITP vision is to become a focal point in the Balkan region for innovation, business and skills development and the clear focus on entities working in tech and creative fields – combining and fostering synergies between business and product development, operation, education and services - on this scale is unique in the region. The parties agree to promote that vision.

In order to bundle attractive offerings under one umbrella, the ITP Association, with the support for GIZ projects, is becoming the coordinator of the “Digital Transformation Center” consortium; a one-stop-shop for digital ecosystem development. Under its pillar “Digital Entrepreneurship”, the ITP Prizren`s Digital Transformation Center is developing offerings that seek to benefit the innovation and growth capabilities of specifically tech start-ups. One central offering, which is to be established in this context, is a “soft-landing platform” – a package of services that attract innovative international tech businesses to start operations in the ITP. Another is the “GoGlobal program” for helping local startups in ITP to export and on the linkage with investors,

UBT, the University for Business and Technology is an Entrepreneurial Innovation based Ecosystem which Includes: Education, Research, Development, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Spin-Offs. The university offers a dynamic and innovative 21st-century academic environment. UBT provides a supportive and challenging opportunity for the students, faculty, and staff in a participatory and self-governance setting. UBT is already settled in the ITP with an educational offering and seeks to expand its portfolio into the context of entrepreneurship and investment promotion.

GVI (Gold Ventures investment) is a global investment advisory company based in Israel and Austria with operational offices in 30 countries across borders for helping startups in fundraising and global expansion.

UBT and GVI target to jointly establish the company “GVI Western Balkan” with its headquarter in the ITP.

In this respect, the parties express their willingness to cooperate as per the conditions of this MoU outlined hereinafter and to jointly work on the development and implementation of the “soft-landing” program to attract international companies to the ITP.

ITP &GVI decided to organize an event with the aim to announce formally the opening of the new company GVI Western Balkan( that is already registered ) and to invite strategic partners that most of them I already met during my visit to Kosovo.

ITP and GVI decided to organize an event with the aim of formally announcing the opening of GVI Western Balkan and inviting strategic partners that many of whom I spoke with during my visit to Kosovo.

After this event we'll host an international event to announce the formal opening of the application for the two programs that will run parallel:

Scale up to Western Balkan - International companies and foreign startups could apply to a Soft Landing program that can assist the companies to get all services in one place in ITP .

Go-global with GVI - Western Balkan startups can apply to GVI to select those that can scale up and establish a subsidiary in an appropriate market.

The Hybrid event will take place as a hybrid event in January that will host guests from the region and international guests could join remotely are planning to hold a hybrid event in January 2023 that will host guests from the region and allow international GVI partners and guests to join remotely

You can confirm your attendance at the two events by sending an email to

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