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MakeItDriveable Challenge

This is your last chance to meet with the Ford partnerships team for the MakeItDriveable Challenge! Join us at one of our final virtual meetups for European startups to learn more about the Challenge event, unique partnership opportunities with Ford, and apply to pitch live.

Now in it's eighth edition, The Ford Make it Driveable Challenge is a unique opportunity to engage directly with Ford and to potentially fast-track your idea to market. Have a product that helps to improve the driver experience for commercial or passenger vehicles? Don’t miss your chance - the challenge has led to numerous successful partnerships. To learn more about the challenge, visit the website here and register for a Pre-Challenge Event for Specific

I invite startups to apply in the Link

Once you apply please update me we have close relationships with the organizer and we'll push from our side to accept your application.

You can send an email to

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