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Joining Effventure's Business Development

We have the honor to announce that Mr. Kobi (Jacob) Kalderon, Founder & CEO of Gold Ventures Investment (GVI) is joining Effventure's Business development team as an external consultant where he will serve as VP of Business Development for Europe.

We look forward to fruitful and constructive cooperation between Effventures and GVI for accelerating startups in Europe. Specializing in strategic consulting and investments, GVI is renowned for scouting, evaluating, and investing in innovative solutions.

A serial hi-tech entrepreneur, Kobi has vast experience in backing and mentoring new startups, raising capital, enhancing partnerships, and achieving global commercialization

Earth First Food Ventures is focused solely on investing in food tech and smart protein for a more sustainable food supply chain, a cleaner environment, bluer oceans and a better planet. There has never been a more important (and more exciting) time to be involved in food tech than now.

Please see below our corporate video which outlines the problem facing our planet and the amazing solutions that form the core of our global investment strategy:


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