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It’s time to take digital health to the next level.

Road 2 is an Israeli VC and an accelerator that builds value for startups through networking, funding, and technology.

In order to develop startups into inspiring businesses, they create ecosystems for entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and investors.

For more information, Click on the Link

The Israeli VC and accelerator Road 2 build value for startups through networking, funding, and technology. you can click on this lInk

We are a unique partnership between multinational corporate companies and public funding.

We are joining forces with JVP, Mati HaifaNVIDIA, and Israel Innovation Authority to launch our newest Digital Health accelerator program in Haifa.

If you’re a pre-round A startup developing a digital health startup…

Startups from all over the world that focus on digital health are more than welcome to apply to this program.

Companies participating in the program will receive:to develop the product

  1. $100K for developing the product

  2. An office near Road 2 offices in Haifa

  3. Access to the AI lab (sponsored by Invidia) for developing the AI component of the product.

  4. Direct access to Rambam Hospital, one of the biggest medical centers in Israel

The following criteria are mandatory:

  1. GVI carries out a pre-evaluation of the companies to determine their readiness level.

  2. Taking part in GVI's pre-acceleration program, as needed, to prepare for the acceleration program.

  3. Opening an office in Israel (Hifa).

  4. By signing an agreement with GVI, you will be guided on how to maximize this opportunity and how to maximize its benefits.

If you would like to apply to this program pitch your venture vai the Link


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