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In collaboration with GVI

Expand to Germany

GVI's partner in Germany has created a Conference where the Startups will be able to pitch their Business- Projects for around 5 Minutes to a Crowd of Investors and Service-Providers. The program also includes an intensive Training and Pitch-Coaching for the Start-ups the day prior to the actual Conference with our Partners. Furthermore the Program includes Keynote Speeches, Industry Presentations, one to one Meetings and generous Breaks. OUR GOAL AND OUR BELIEVE: PERSONAL POSITIVE MATCH-MAKING! Who will participate? Entrepreneurs, Investors and Service-Poviders gather from all over Europe for the European Venture Market and share a common Goal: to enhance Communication across European Borders!  The participants of the European Venture Market are "divided" into three groups: Start-Up Companies, Investors (VC, Corporates and Angels) and Services These groups can easily be identified during the conference by their colored name tag We are looking for game changing/disruptive solutions in the fields of: Industry 4.0, IOT, Big Data, Media, Smart City, New Mobility, Block Chain When and Where? 27th of September 2018 VBKI (Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller) Ludwig Erhard Haus / Goldberger Saal Fasanenstraße 85 10623 Berlin By attending this event via GVI you will enjoy priority services which include arranging B2B meetings and GVI will escort you through the whole investment process.  To attend Email your contact info and a one pager to:


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