Typical investor networking events and pitch competitions are similar to blind dates - you never know what you are going to get. Investors don't know enough about the startup founders and startup founders don't know if investors they are meeting are the right fit for their business.

You also rarely get the necessary support to be able to present your company in the best light, especially from the financial point of view, and have the maximum chances of success.As a result, most events and competitions are used to practice pitches rather than to make valuable connections and close financing.

Investor Matching Program is uniquely designed to only give you access to the investors already interested in your startup. Further, to be in the best position to present and close the deal, you will also go through a preparatory program before the investor meetings to address any weaknesses in your pitch and financials.


Eligibility for this round: any tech startup raising Seed, Series A, or Series B round Phase I "Pre-assessment": $30. The selection process ends on November 1st, 11:59 pm EST. Results announced on November 6th.

Step 01

You submit a 2-min video pitch. Once you register for Phase 1, we will send you an example of a successful video pitch from our past contestants as well as a presentation with detailed instruction of how the video should be structured

Step 02

We send you pitch to 200 investors and they will vote whether or not they are interested

Step 03 If you get at least five votes, you advance to the next stage. If you get less than five votes, you can still get investors intros to those investors who expressed interest Step 4

Further, if you get less than five or no votes, you can still participate in the Phase II Preparation program and improve your pitch and re-apply for Pre-Assessment in the future. We will be in touch with more details for all such applicants.

To advance to Phases II and III, you must make the second payment of $620 by November 12th.

Phase II "Preparation": November 13th - December 2nd

*If you are a part of the accelerator or a current client of The Startup Station, contact us for a discount. Many startup founders make the same mistakes when preparing their investor materials: They focus too much on a product, and not enough on a monetization strategy.

  • They don't have a compelling story.

  • Their financials are disjointed from their business plan and are thus not credible, and more.

We've worked one-on-one and taught hundreds of founders how to present, model, and value their ventures. We've designed this short program as four sixty-minute sessions to maximize your chances of success by helping you refine your pitch and financials, address any weaknesses in your business proposition, and create a compelling story for investors. Resources: We will provide you with the required pitch deck format and examples, so that you can create a presentation that our investors expect to see. We will also provide recommendations for how the financials should be structured. To advance to Phases II and III, you must make the second payment of $620 by November 12th.

Session 1: Pitch deck review

We will provide slide by slide comments identifying any information or logical gaps. The focus will be on creating a cohesive story backed by a robust business model,

Session 2: Financial model review A

We will focus on financial model completeness, growth assumptions by revenue stream and go to market strategy

Session 3: Financial model review B

Session 4: Final review and delivery

We will reviewing revised investor materials and coach on pitch delivery We will focus on costs, including working capital and fixed assets; financial summary, valuation, as well as your venture's overall financial feasibility - are you numbers credible, complete, and attractive for investors? Session 4: Final review and delivery

We will reviewing revised investor materials and coach on pitch delivery

To advance to Phases II and III, you must make the second payment of $620 by November 12th.

Phase III "Investor meetings": December 3rd, 10 am EST

Phase III "Investor meetings": December 3rd, 10 am EST

Each session is structured as a thirty-min investors panel followed by targeted investor meetings where each startup team gets its own breakout room and pitches to at least five investors who already expressed interest in their startup. We recommend each pitch to be no longer than 7 minutes long. The rest is Q&A. All teams can stay in their breakout rooms up to one hour and will get warm intros to all investors who attended the session afterwards.

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