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Investment opportunity for investors in Blockchain domain

Our partnership fund focused on blockchain, is currently raising a $50m venture fund (over 70% is already committed).

Blockchain is one of the hottest sectors as of late and the fund has been at the forefront of investing in early-stage high potential blockchain startups worldwide.

The team has generated 1410% return, 251% annualized over the past 2 years.

The fund currently has 45+ startups at different stages in their venture program.

They invest in and work hands-on with startups to help find product-market fit, go-to-market and sales strategy, finding traction and scale.

Some of their notable companies include Beatdapp (recently ranked by Crunchbase among the top 20 music tech companies globally) and Splinterlands (one of the leading Blockchain games globally).

New Fund Highlights:

  • Focus on the hottest sectors of blockchain such as NFTs, DeFi and other emerging tech.

  • 200+ experts (consisting of Fortune 500 executives, fund managers, and successful entrepreneurs) in the Global Expert Network provide expertise and pilot projects with portfolio companies. In addition, they refer to top-quality startups, enhancing deal flow.

  • 0/20 Management Fee Structure with attractive entry startup valuations standardized between $500k and $20m.

  • Over 70% committed from leading investors, family offices, and funds.

Should you be interested to learn more? Please send me an email to :


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