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Interactive meetup on how to accelerate success in the virtual world of Covid-19

If your startup is like many of those that we have worked with before, you are likely dealing with questions such as

● How do we hire and retain the right people?

● How do we turn a group of new people into a strong productive team?

● How do we develop good habits and how do we motivate our people?

Those issues very often not only keep the owners up at night but also can make or break a company.

Taking care of the human potential in your company is essential and I come with solutions.

It’s our honor to introduce Ms. Noa Schceter, founder and CEO of the Accelerated Leadership Academy. Noa represents Gold Venture Investment in the USA (California). Noa is an author, speaker who brings over 20 years of leadership and education experience that she integrates with her consulting and world-class business knowledge. She holds a Master certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and certificate from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Noa’s goal is to help startups identify and maximize their skills by using Behavioral Assessments such as DISC and Driving Forces. She uses the results to build strong teams that effectively support the growth of the company.

We are offering you to join us in a series of Complementary Programs:

  1. Transition 10x: Discover how to deal with the new business reality created by Covid-19. without losing productivity, culture or quality of their services

  2. Productive Dialogue: Learn how to communicate with others in a way that produces the maximum of results no matter how the dialogue between you and the other person is going (good or bad).

  3. Unlock Your Communication Code: How do you best communicate with others so you’re most effective? We’ll show you how!

  4. Networking In The Global World: Networking with others is your ticket to meeting people who can take you to where you want to go, personally and professionally even in 2020 when entrepreneurs are dealing with social distancing.

  5. The Mastery Of Goal Setting: Without goals, most likely, you’ll drift along maybe achieving what you want, but most likely not. WITH goals, you have a better chance at reaching your potential.

For further details and registration to serial meetups please send email to


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