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How to create product Design&Requirment Document( PRD ) to your application ?

What will we be talking about?


Come learn in our webinar how to create a requirements document for your app that will enable you to get real and accurate development costs.


Who needs a requirements document and why?


If you are an entrepreneur or startup with an idea for a tech venture, everyone you speak to will ask for a description of the venture.


A requirements document will allow you to crystallize your idea and describe it clearly so that any service provider can give you real and accurate feedback. In particular, development costs can vary greatly depending on how you describe your venture.


A proper description will ensure you get an accurate cost estimate that you can rely on, especially if you are meeting with investors.


What can we expect?


The workshop will cover the essential elements of a requirements document.

Participants will learn how to describe their app or system screens clearly and concisely.

They will also learn which details can affect development costs and should be included in the document.

How to describe special technologies, if are included in your project.

Bonus: All participants will receive a free requirements document template!


The workshop is let by Ravit Appelboim-Hilb, owner of Shimara Applications, specializes in designing and developing technological solutions for early-stage entrepreneurs and startups.


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