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Helping stratups to raise grants in Austria

GVI -can help Israeli and forien stratups to raise grants from 1Million Euro up to 3 Million Euro especilly for R&D in special and attractive terms and conditions :

Basic grant details:

  • Company can raise 1 million EUR in total for 1 year project form Austrian fund

  • Matching funds of 75K to 100K EUR is needed form the side of the company in order to receive the 1 million EUR

  • From the 1 million EUR that the company raised form Austria: 650K is Non-refundable, 350K is low interest rate credit (0.75% interest rate and the credit have to be returned after 2,5 years when the company is profitable, individual conditions of the credit are negotiated with the Austrian Government, and the company have the right to reject the credit)

  • The Austrian government does not get any equity in the company.

  • The company is evaluated after 1 year for their progress and can raise another 1 million EUR with same grant conditions

  • The above manipulation can be done on the 3rd year as well.

  • Once the company receive the grant they have 12 weeks to set up a subsidiary in Austria. GVI will assist them. We have a legal team and 12 weeks is perfectly enough time.

  • During the duration of the grant (for 1 year) the IP generated by the Austrian Subsidiary have to stay in the subsidiary, HOWEVER, after the grant finish the IP can be transferred to the main Israeli company.

  • 80% of the money has to be spend for people who are hired in Austria, HOWEVER, this doe not mean you can not hire your people in Israel.

  • The company needs to issue contracts for its employees form Austrian Subsidiary but this people can be working in Israel or where ever they want. Only their contracts and their taxes must be payed in Austria.

GVI Services:

  • GVI evaluate every company you bring to us for the basic fit fo the grant. We do this together with the Austrian Authority and our EU certified project managers here join GVI Austria.

  • GVI prepare the entire application for the grant for the company .

  • GVI translate the application in German.

  • GVI prepare the budget and work packages for the company

  • For some companies GVI can connect them with Austrian partners to get LoI's if necessary.

  • GVI also prepare all the online grant application platform for the companies on the Austrian Authority upload platform

  • GVI experts in the team here have about 50% successrate for Austrian grants and 30% for EU grants..

For more informaion and for apply for the grant send your application to :


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