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Happy new year -from GVI ! (Please see below how we can help you in 2022 )

Dear partner, founder,

Firstly, I hope you have a prosperous and successful new year.

Last year, GVI built a very strong network with a number of foreign partners, and we now operate 30 offices across the border.

GVI Partners assists startups in achieving three goals:

  • Raising capital from investors.

  • Securing grants from a public institution from Europe and USA .

  • Based on our global network (connection to clients and strategic partners), we assist startups to scale up to the global market.

To help you achieve these goals and focus on your startup, please fill out the questionnaire by clicking the link

For shortening the process and matching your startup with GVI investors, please add the number of the investor "Index " to the questionnaire above..

Let me know if you have filled out the questionnaire and added your company to the investor spreadsheet. ( you can drop me an email at

Feel free to be with me in contact via email and Whatsapp +972525256123

Something that I saw that I would like to share with you for the new year :

As Melissa Snover of Nourished said, “This is not an advertisement for entrepreneurship”. Instead of focusing solely on the successes, mindsets, and ambitions of scaling founders, we highlighted the many sacrifices, tough decisions, and harsh realities that a lot of us are so quick to keep under wraps.


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