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GVI verification analysis

GVI focusing on nurturing excellent entrepreneurship, strategic partners and Investors. We are aiming at matching the best startups with the right investors and strategic partners for the benefit of all parties.

A basic part of the due diligence performed by GVI on behalf of potential investors is the performance of a GO/NoGo process. This is a basic requirement of our investors. The extent of this initial process and its costs are determined after receiving material regarding the venture including the GVI questionnaire and pitch on the website. This increases dramatically the chances of a venture to be invested in. Therefore, this is the prior standard of pitching its ventures to the right investors and strategic partners.

As part of the Go/NoGo process, a team of 3 experts performs a venture feasibility analysis and evaluate the maturity of the business, the marketing and the technology. In addition, we perform a global market penetration test, while studying the progress of the venture so far.

Business Feasibility

The business feasibility analysis is referred to the venture in its first stage where the feasibility will be tested in global perception. This document summarizes the scope of work for the study and the analysis required to obtain confidence for the entrepreneur and GVI in follow up stages as a risk mitigation tool.

We will do the following:

1. Prepare Venture/Company abstract.

2. Identify the needs of the venture.

1. Identify the market.

2. Identify the competitive landscape.

3. Identify the business model and first financial indicators according the CANVAS model.

4. Cost effectiveness summary and conclusions as of how to continue.

Market Feasibility

The market feasibility analysis will be based upon information from studies and information source from the business feasibility with a goal to identify the risk factor for global penetration.

We will prepare the following:


1. The product description.

2. The product value.

3. The product benefits.


1. Who are the target audience, why?

2. How to sell the product?

3. What is the key for success among the customers?


1. Any similar products or services in the market?

2. Any complementary products?

Advantages and added value

1. What is the uniqueness of the product: why customers will prefer to use that?

2. What gives the competitive edge for the product?

The above analysis will serve as the basis for recommendations as to the marketing strategy plan in order to penetrate the global market.

Technology Feasibility

Our objective is to study the specification and the development components in the hardware and the software including subcontractors documents overview.

The goal is to reach a technological opinion for investors by the incubator's CTO based on the development process combined with cyber security evaluation.

Work methodology

Full interaction between the venture and GVI's team, including brainstorming, business study and eventually a detailed report regarding the above aspects. In case the reports identifies aspects of the venture which need to be fortified, the venture will be required to perform the needed changes prior to any pitch to investors or any other entity.


  • This document is limited to the Go/NoGo process and does not include any other services by GVI International.

  • Following the report of the Go/NoGo process we will issue a Finder Fee agreement prior to pitching the venture to investors etc, subject to changes in the venture necessary according to the report.

  • The Go/NoGo is not intended to be a substitute for an independent due diligence process by any entity the venture is connected to.

  • The Go/NoGo process will result in GVI International efforts to pitch the venture, on its sole discretion, to entities it finds suitable for the venture's product.


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