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GVI strategy -assisting startups in market penetration.

  1. GVI has two levels of evaluation: the professional team evaluates all the perspectives of the company, and the second level is the evaluation by the partners in 30 countries.

  2. After GVI evaluates the company and decides to take to the company further, GVI will try to find the specific program that fits your technology.

  3. Because we know all the requirements and all the techniques for applying for grants, GVI can help startups apply for EU R&D grants up to 70% from the public sector and 30% from the private sector. The maximum is 9 million euros for 3 years, 3M for each year(2.1M from the EU government, 0.9M from investors). *The success rate of getting the public grant is more than 70% *The companies don’t need to open their subsidiary in Europe if they apply the *the grant is based on consulting fees and successful fees.

  4. GVI helps companies to find technology partners in the EU region in order to do the R&D in the EU region(this is the requirement for getting the public grants)

  5. GVI helps investors to minimize the risk, by showing the companies can successfully raise the grants from the EU government(since the public institutions work closely with those investors, the investors would feel more confident to work with the company because this company already got positive feedback from the government), and GVI can help the company to match 30% of the fund from the private sector(we can help in fundraising)

  6. In this case, this is a win-win situation for all the parties: government can support startups in R&D, the private investors can support the company in sales and marketing.

  7. GVI will help you manage the subsidiary once you set up your company in the EU,

  8. GVI will help the companies in terms of recruitment, business development, and closing commercial deals with potential clients(you don’t need to hire someone else

  9. If you are interested in attracting private investors, you should invest initial capital in business development that GVI can provide, such as closing commercial agreements with potential clients and strategic partners to prove market validation.

GVI needs to do the pre-valuation to check which program will suit you in Europe; this will require 2000 euros for the fix price

In short, GVI manages 30 partners in 30 countries. our Strategy is to help startups companies to expand their business to the relevant market, and also we support startups with all the services in terms of global expansion.


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