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GVI-Sphinix -cooporation

GVI start cooporation with Sphinx that is an international research, business development and consulting company that provides business plans, market research and global benchmarking services.

The research team includes professional analysts, most of them ex Israeli Intelligence Corps research officers alongside business management and regulatory professionals in market research that can be done in various languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa (Indonesia), Russian, Ukrainian, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew and English.

The company's extensive experience includes working with a wide range of local and international companies and government ministries, providing market, regulatory and strategic research for various clients, including top-tier global consulting firms, retailers, healthcare providers, hospitals, transportation companies, pharma companies, leading financial institutions, government agencies, start-up companies, industrial companies, international consulting firms and various organizations.

the company provide multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary research, as part of the business plan ,assist it in benchmarking or a better understanding of its target and prospective markets.


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