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GVI signed a strategic partnership with Onepartner in italy

GVI signed an agreement with Onepartner Integrated Digital Advisory Services srl (in brief: Onepartner,, who will represent GVI in Italy with the aim of assisting Israeli & international startups build their operation and expand into the Italian market, and assisting Italian startups in receiving support and investment from Israeli & global experts & investors, all using the proven GVI model.

Onepartner is a global consultancy helping businesses of all sizes during the growth stages. To support Companies in an intelligent and modular way and guarantee excellence in service delivery, Onepartrner exploits its own platform made up of digital tools, a network of consulting firms and a pool of experts, gathered in a single place, aimed at facilitating interaction and ensuring customers the competence and efficiency necessary for their growth from an organizational, financial and managerial point of view.

Gavino Boringhieri, Partner and co-Founder, said: “GVI and Onepartner share a global view and strong methodology, therefore we are proud to partner with GVI, being confident that it will allow us to establish a strong connection between the Israeli, Italian & global markets, and facilitate more successful connections between promising startups & ambitious investors, with the right support to both in every step of the way, to achieve mutual significant growth.”

GVI is a global investment banking/ advisory company based in Israel and Europe (Austria), running an Incubator in Israel, and cooperating with various accelerators across the world, cooperating with GVI's international partners in 30 countries (Israel, Europe, LATAM, USA, Asia, Africa), manages groups of investors and assists start-up companies in fundraising and global expansion.

The founder & CEO of GVI is Mr. Kobi (Jacob) Kalderon, who also represents (as an advisor) a VC based in Israel called ROAD 2, and various VCs from Europe and the US which are always looking to invest in promising companies.


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