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GVI signed a strategic partnership with Bridge Brazil

Bridge Brazil, the company responsible for the softlanding of global startups and scale ups in Brazil, is pleased to announce the strategic alliance with Gold Ventures Investment (GVI), a company of Israeli origin and headquartered in Austria, specialized in strategic consulting and investments. The partnership aims to expand FCJ Holding in Europe and extend the GVI network to Brazil, the development and support of startups in the growth stage, as well as startups in the Bridge Brazil portfolio and others in the process of internationalization to Brazil and LATAM.

About Bridge Brazil

Bridge Brazil listens to corporations' challenges and then seeks for throughout-the-world innovative solutions, mature and validated startups and scale ups that can meet those needs and wish to expand to Brazil and LATAM. Bridge Brazil is part of FCJ Holding, a multinational that connects startups, investors, corporations and universities to develop innovative businesses and solutions with the objective of impacting the Brazilian innovation ecosystem, taking startups to their full development in an agile, strategic and fast way, mitigating the risks and challenges of this path.

For more information, we invite you to Bridge Brazil website :

About Gold Ventures Investment

Gold Ventures Investment specializes in Strategic Consulting and Investments, representing a variety of global investor groups and funds from Israel, Europe, Asia and the US. GVI works with over 30 experts in areas such as AI, VR/AR, Fintech, Agritech, BlockChain, Life Science and Clean Energy. Based on the GVI process, they improve the conversion rate of startups to succeed in fundraising and expand into global commercialization. And with connections around the world, the organization is able to find the best deals for companies in Israel and abroad.

The potential partnership between Gold Ventures Investment and Bridge Brazil, is primarily aimed at bringing the Israeli, European and Brazilian ecosystems closer together. The parties plan to raise funds and invest to seek innovative solutions for our clients. We see this as an opportunity to further support sustainable growth through fundraising and business strategy to help companies enter new markets.

For more information about GVI we invite you to GVI website click on the lInk


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