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GVI & PBO-OBS Signed Strategic Partnership Agreement for Cooperation

Gold Venture Investments (GVI) would like to announce that it has signed an international partnership agreement with PBO-OBS Global Group (PBO-OBS) to bring funding to innovative startups that make use of artificial intelligence as an integral part of their product research and development

GVI’s strategy is to target is to scout potential innovative solutions based on market needs/demands and to help governments, municipalities, high-tech parks, global accelerators and the private sector to attract relevant companies to launch their product and establish their entity in relevant markets. GVI can improve the conversion rate of startups to successfully achieve fund raising as well as expanding these projects into global commercialization.

Funding grants ranging from between EUR 3 million and EUR 9 million for a three-year period can be prepared by the GVI team from the Austrian Eco System. Furthermore, GVI can combine these grants with private equity and venture capital from its large portfolio of investors.

PBO-OBS has a client portfolio of projects all over the world seeking funding – from startups to mature companies seeking significant funding. This partnership will enable PBO-OBS to bring funding to companies that it has not previously been able to help.


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