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GVI invites startups to submit Applications for Sigma Labs (early stage)

GVI is glad to anounce that SigmaLabs wave #15 application has officially opened! If you are co-founders of a startup with a working MVP + Full-timers with a CTO co-founder + possess a big disruptive vision. With a total of 14 waves, 5 exits, 100 alumni who have raised funds of over $111 million, Wave #15 will launch in October, supporting the next stage of Israel's leading pre-seed/seed startups. We're focusing on reaching product validation, market fit, and building the right fundraising strategy for you. In a 3-month program, our carefully chosen startups achieve early success and have a higher probability of closing a financing round. Together with Israel's largest startup ecosystem powered by Sarona Partners, SigmaLabs aims at providing startups the fundamental tools needed to optimize their likelihood of success.

You can apply by click on the link

The last day for application - September 21


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