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GVI Investors Relations.

GVI manages various startup companies from different sectors and different stages from an early stage startup company (pre-seed) up to well-established startup companies that are looking for global expansion and following investment rounds.

With more than 30 strategic partners across the border, GVI evaluates startup companies from a different perspective and from different market needs.

Every GVI strategic partner (at the international or local levels) manages his own business network that includes corporate public institutions and groups of investors that can assist startups to secure grants.

An international platform developed by GVI on top of its website sub-platform; most of the startups on this platform have already signed finder agreements and are ready for evaluation by GVI partners to make decisions on:

1.. What startups would be a good fit for GVI partners' specific markets?

2. What corporates might be interested in which startups?

3. What programs would be appropriate for each startup to receive funding?

4. What investors might be interested in each startup?

If you want more information about the GVI startups portfolio, please register through Investor Relations,( the green button at the top of the website) and once I approve you, you can get access and start evaluating them.

I would appreciate it if you could add your testimonials about the companies and send me an email ( ) to discuss further and make a final decision.


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