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GVI Incubation program

Gold Ventures Incubator (GVI), which operates within the framework of Gold Solutions Training Ltd, and under the umbrella of Gold Ventures' investment has formed a unique methodology that helps startups, entrepreneurs, and mature companies get comprehensive supports, consulting services and professional guidance.

Incubation program
Incubation program

The program includes the following stages:

  • An initial examination of the material

This phase includes an initial examination of the material submitted by the entrepreneur, including Pitch filling on GVI's website and the general questionnaire of GVI. This stage has two main goals:

A. Examination of GVI's initial interest in the project.

B. Estimation of the costs of the second phase of the procedure, the "Verification Analysis", which carries out an examination of the relevant aspects of the project in depth.

At the end of the initial examination by GVI, based on the material sent, and as long there is an interest of both sides, GVI issues a proposal for the next step, the Verification Analysis. If the proposal is accepted, the venture continues to the next step.

  • Verification Analysis stage

A. This step includes performing a study to examine the business potential of the product offered, including competitors' analysis and a uniqueness analysis of the product.

B. At this stage GVI examines the feasibility of marketing the venture and its product, and set the guiding principles of the strategy of penetration in accordance with objective function (the target audience of the product (.

C. An examination of the technological feasibility of the project.

At the end of this phase, GVI provides a comprehensive report, after which a decision is made whether to promote the venture as it, or continuation with a Pivot (change) of the original idea in order to unravel the business idea of ​​the product, in order to increase the chances of business viability. In some cases, abandoning the idea will also be recommended.

At the end of this stage the parties jointly decide whether to continue to the next stages of the program.

  • The Incubation Stage

Following the second stage, and in accordance with the decision taken jointly by the parties, begins the incubation phase, which is the core developmental process, in which the venture will receive comprehensive services, as described below, with which it will go through the stages of growth and development that will bring it, together with other things, to the state of Minimum Viable Product. GVI will:

A. Help the venture build the entrepreneurial team - Headhunting of leading professionals, assistance in the definition of design (UX/UI) and product development in the format of Low Cost and off shore model, as well as technological partners recruitment.

B. Help preparing the business plan with a relevant expert, which will lead to the writing of a full business plan, including an investor preparation and a presentation of a One Pager and an Executive Summary, all in congruence with the requirements of potential investors.

C. Help formulating a marketing strategy - at this stage GVI will help the company consolidate its marketing strategy, including the implementation of campaigns to locate potential customers, in order to create engagement, and in order to commence the pilot of Proof of Concept - PoC.

D. Help in the Characterization and Design of the Product: Product Design – leading the analysis of the system, that combines functional elements integrated in the marketing and product development process.

E. PoC - helping entrepreneurs in carrying out a pilot with a potential client in order to create the infrastructure to launch the product.

  • Marketing the project to potential investors

After the completion of the incubation stage, and the existence of viable product which is satisfactory for both GVI and the entrepreneur, GVI assists entrepreneurs in marketing the project to potential investors in around the world, with accordance to the lines of action outlined in the business plan.

  • Business development and marketing the initiative to potential customers and forming of collaborations

At this stage, and after the product has become riper from a business perspective, GVI's innovation center assists entrepreneurs in the business development and business support, identifying potential customers, product marketing, and expanding the company's business activities at all the relevant levels.


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