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GVI-GITP - Strategic partnership

GITP (China &Malesia ) has entered a strategic partnership with Gold Ventures Investment, a global investment banking firm specializing in Strategic Consulting & Investment and Scouting of startups.

The collaboration creates a joint forces network on meeting among start-ups, investors and companies looking for new technologies and progressive ideas, both in China and in the countries where Gold Ventures Investment operates.

With a worldwide team of more than 70 professionals and 30 operational offices across the border, two headquarters in Vienna and Tel-Aviv, investors and funds from Israel, Europe, Asia , Africa, and the United States, Gold Ventures Investment will collaborate with GITP and Venture Capital and investors from Chinese market which focuses on innovative start-ups including the incorporation of special purpose vehicles, drafting of business plans and the early stage, middle stage and later stage of the venture capital investment process.

Through their Chinese partner, Gold Ventures Investment &GITP will build a soft landing program for Israeli and foreign startups that would include an open subsidiary in China and the legal support from GITP

As part of the strategic partnership, GITP and Gold Ventures Investment will organize special events (pitch days, demo days) in order to introduce startups to potential investors and clients from GITP network.

GITP is a company that specialized in the inter-market transfer of technological innovations, which includes licensing and sale of intellectual property (IP) & technology commercialization. We team up with you as a technology leader in your specialty and judge the potential of your innovations in overseas markets, especially in China. Then we connect you with those enterprises who are interested to adopt or collaborate with your innovations.

GITP is also an incubator & accelerator located at the Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. An international city hub. GITP acts as the bridge between the commercial world with different entities worldwide through engaging and facilitating open innovation strategy among commercial partners, university research teams and global industry leaders. We assist companies, SMEs and Spin-off enterprises around the world in enhancing industry competitiveness and unlocking the tremendous innovation, technology clusters and research organizations.

GITP is passionate about creating impact through collaborating deeply with GVI as our partners and seeking to empower those with whom we work. Innovation may contain technology but, in the end, it is a people business. Without collaboration, innovation does not occur.

For more information we invite you click on the GITP website ( Link )


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