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GVI -Digital-Access partnership

GVI( Gold Venture Investment ) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Digital Access (Accelerator), a social enterprise dedicated to promoting digital and innovations based in Cameroon Africa.

Digital Access ( is a social enterprise created by young Cameroonians to respond to development problems through digital technology and innovation.

The company focuses on link building, market introduction, integration and participation in various digital promotion and inclusion activities at the local and sub-regional level.Digital Access works with diverse partners and its network is made up of experts, professionals and key players in the digital ecosystem who can provide global expertise in the fields of innovation and digital inclusion.

Rigobert Kenmogne is a prominent figure in digital communities and works as Director of Digital Access Group. He is also coordinator of the digital innovation platform in Cameroon/  (FINU). As a key player in the internet ecosystem, Rigobert Kenmogne has extensive knowledge and experience in innovation and digital inclusion for development.

The owner of GVI, Kobi( Jacob ) Kalderon, and Mr. Rigobert Kenmogne, will come up with a strategic plan on behalf of the Bridge 360 international program, which aims to assist Cameroon startups in expanding globally via GVI Global's business network, assisting them in commercialization, obtaining EU grant funding, and raising funds from GVI investors. .



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