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GVI Cooperation Concept with - accelerator

GVI is an innovation center dedicated to promoting start-up companies in order to raise fund and commercially succeed in the international market.

This activity focuses on every field in which we can identify innovation and, therefore, the vortex we handle is diverse, including the fields of Fintech and Cyber.

Following our meeting, it seems that GVI and accelerator can cooperate in a wide range of verticals:

A. Referring Israeli and foreign companies to the acceleration program:

1. Announcing a joint announcement about cooperation with GVI in order to encourage Israeli and foreign companies to submit their candidacy for the acceleration program.

The Accelerator will define the relevant criteria, so that GVI can identify the relevant companies in the Israeli ecosystem and foreign startups from the global network.

2. The accelerator will define the details of the acceleration program, including the duration of the program and its connections to corporates for POC purposes.

3. As to Israeli companies that will be admitted to the acceleration program – GVI will assist in connecting to potential global investors, after receiving an opinion and results of the POC other companies.

B. Referring "mature" companies of the acceleration program to GVI:

1. The Accelerator will connect its companies with GVI in order to assist them in cooperation with financial companies in Israel and / or a link them to potential investors.

2. Organizing a delegation of graduates of the acceleration program to visit the Israeli eco-system, including a meeting with potential collaborations in the Israeli market.

3. companies from the accelerator that will be interested in promoting their business activity in the Israeli and global market, will be provided with a full package of services from GVI.

C. Joint Investment Conferences and Events:

1. Joint investment events, in which Israeli and forien companies in the will take part. Investors from accelerator and GVI will be invited to take part, and for this purpose a joint agenda will be formulated.

.2 The goal: generating interest from potential investors in the accelerated companies, especially in light of the fact that some of them have a technological product that meets the relevant business needs and regulations.

.3 This kind of events can be sponsored by financial institutions from GVI and the accelrator

D. Workshops and enrichment:

1. Having a Meetup regarding the Israeli ecosystem to companies of the acceleration program

2. The Meetup will be sponsored by companies from the accelerator in order to create a connection between business entities, as well as familiarity with the Israeli ecosystem.

3. GVI will be able to invite guest lecturers from large Israeli financial institutions to discuss their aspects of the business.

4. Workshops and Seminars in different areas, including product, UX/UI, fundraising, networking etc.

We strongly believe that the cooperation between the GVI and accelerator can maximize the potential of each of the entities, and can be beneficial to both parties.


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