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GVI- Bird Incubator ( AI)- collaboartion

We are very happy to announce the partnership with the BIRD Incubator, international incubator for all ideas/startups related to AI, data analytics and machine learning located in Zagreb, Croatia.

Together we can help technology start-ups and scale-ups to expand and grow their businesses internationally.

BIRD Incubator’s aspiration form the start was to expand globally and help AI startups to position themselves in a global tech playground..


• Available infrastructure and technical resources (a.g. Microsoft and AWS cloud infrastructure…) startup team needs to develop the project

• Available expert mentorship

• Access to information needed for startup to reach defined goals

• Access to available education provided by the INCUBATOR partners

• Pitch to investors after we make the Project evaluation and considers it pitch ready

• After the incubation period and in case of successful completion of the program, assistance in finding an investment and inclusion in the accelerator program

• co-working office space near the center of Zagreb (wi-fi, print, LCD, kitchen…)


Incubator has a team of 60+ mentors leaders and experts ready to share their knowledge and insights to startups. Mentors are experts in a variety of business areas, from the tech background, business development digital marketing and law. These are all people with an extensive experience. Most of them have built several businesses and are successful in the international tech business. Mentor's role is to provide perspective on the direction that the venture may take, and providing inputs and advice on how that idea can be converted into a venture. They are located all around the world, from Canada to India. (Please find a document attached with BIRD mentor roles)

3. AI Functionality

Yes we have expert mentors in various fields of AI (NLP, Vision, Deep Learning, Data Science…) and they can help any startup to develop AI functionality of their product. Mentors do a meeting with startups where they find what is the startup goal. Mentors talk with startups to see what they are trying to achieve, what is their knowledge in certain fields, their technical background, resources, and then give them advice on how they can develop (or pivot) the product. They follow up session to see the startup progress and to give additional advice.

If you like to apply to incubation program please send your application to


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