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GVI&Astra Global help stratups improving the succsees rate to raise funds .

What we do?

Help Seed and Series A startups meet right investors worldwide, in times, when travelling is challenging

How we do it:

1. We select specific funds for your individually, with focus on your industry and stage.

2. You have a look at the list funds and approve it.

3. We make warm introductions of your project to selected investors/VCs.

4. We give your monthly report with investors feedback, either positive or negative.

5. We make direct introductions to investors, which expressed interest in your projects and help you making first contacts.

Why do it?

- Save your time on investor relations development and get first contact twice faster.

- Get contacts all over the world, also on markets you never worked on.

- Focus on operational business and traction to get better deal terms in the end.

- Get personalised feedback from investors. Either in positive or negative case.

- Make easier contacts in times when travel is difficult.

Why work with us?

1. We do plenty of pitching events, so we know majority of the above VCs personally. Meaning, we get answers/feedback much faster.

2. Founder graduated from both London and Columbia Business Schools, thus, we have connections on both sides of the ocean. We can reach out all over the world for you.

3. We have close to 10 000 investors in our database.

4. We have a special methodic and strategy of working with investors.

We work only with selected startups, if we see potential investors interest. Want to understand if you are ready for fundraising and your project can be attractive for investors? Let’s have a call to discuss, please pick the convenient time here

Prior to the call please fill in the quiz for us to learn more about you.


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