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Expanding your Venture to US market!

GVI chose a strategic partner from the USA( GSD ) to accelerate startups companies to the US market.

The accelerator worked around the world with startups from Australia to Africa to LATAM. We've partnered with GVI to reach the western Europe Market.

Our accelerator works more like a trusted partner with experience silicon valley experts with an investor network that can also help with the product, sales, and partnerships that are needed to pop the silicon valley bubble and #GoGlobal.

As you may well know, startups face a number of difficulties when trying to raise capital and expand globally.

  • The acceleration brings in industry experts with global reputations to help your company navigate the minefield that includes global sales, marketing, and traction. What are these experts offering then? Many a thing indeed, and here they are:

  • Demo day to invite-only investors

  • Advisor matching with pre-screened experts

  • Accelerator application help

  • Sales hacks for #Global market

  • Press coverage and digital marketing

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Expert storytelling to help navigate cultural & political dynamics

The acceleration is sector agnostic to the stage and vertical. As long as it a technology with the potential for exponential growth (IE AI, FINTECH, Med-tech, VR, Cybersecurity ETC).

The accelerator worked with companies from PowerPoint to revenue-producing series b companies.

Typically the companies should be based outside the Silicon Valley bubble and are international.

The accelerator itself doesn't take any equity or any part of the fundraising but the companies selected by GVI should sign a finder agreement.

You can find out more about the acceleration program by clicking the video in the link

The cost for joining to the acceleration program is - $7500 USD

Q&A and for getting more information you can click on the Link

For preliminary pre- evaluation please pitch your venture in the Link

and send a separate email that you would like to join to the accelerator and if you like we can set a personal zoom meeting with the managing partner of the accelerator


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