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Future of WealthManagement

Harvesting the Power of Data and Technology

A SIX White Paper

The competence center Investments at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is active in education, training and research. It is mainly concerned with the areas of wealth and asset management with a special focus on digital and crypto assets as well as sustainability.

Covering about one quarter of the total global wealth and thus generating economic growth and creating jobs, Switzerland is one of the world’s leading locations for cross-border wealth management. However, this status cannot be taken for granted and it is crucial to constantly reflect on the realities in which the industry operates and be ready to adapt to new and changing environments. Being aware of the great importance of wealth management to the Swiss financial industry, its economy and globally, SIX aims to understand how current trends and developments are shaping the future of wealth management, especially with regards to the increasing power of data and technology. It is essential for the Swiss wealth management industry to continuously monitor the drivers of change and build up the necessary competencies. To be able to get a holistic view and expand our thinking, we partnered with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and conducted a study in a joint endeavor. The goal of this whitepaper was to examine the current state of Swiss wealth management, discuss global trends and developments and derive our perspectives on the value drivers that are expected to shape the future of the industry. We believe this white paper, with its special focus on the power of data and technology, will provide an important contribution to the overall picture of the possible future of Swiss wealth management. We aim to raise awareness of the set of adaptations needed in the industry to maintain its competitiveness over the long term. With that we wish you an exciting and insightful read, and hope you will enjoy the findings as much as we did.

Marion Leslie Head Financial Information, SIX

Johannes Bungert Head Strategy and M&A, SIX

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