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Scale up to DACH region by opening your subsidiary in Austria.

If you are looking for new markets to develop the potential of your startup, we invite you to Austria!

Gold Ventures Investment is pleased to announce the launch of a soft-landing program for startups in Austria.

To hear the interview with Mr. Kobi ( Jacob ) Kalderon about the opportunity in Austria, click on the lInk

Participation in the program will help startups expand their network of business contacts, quickly and efficiently test hypotheses and receive feedback from expert communities. Participation in the program will also help start-up owners prepare for entering a new market: familiarize themselves with the business requirements for start-ups, and learn more about the legal and operational details of doing business in Austria.

What will the participants of the soft-landing program get?

— Business visa and assistance in registering a business in the Austrian jurisdiction;

— Participation in business events, assistance in concluding investment contracts, and attracting the first buyers of your products;

— Assistance in raising funds including grants up to 3 million EUR for 3 years .

Why Austria?

1. Austria is located in the heart of the EU, which gives businesses easy access to several major markets including Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and France.

2. Due to its central position in Europe, about 400 multinational companies have chosen Austria as their headquarters.

3. The Austrian economy is an excellent sector for the development of start-ups in industries such as engineering, construction, and agriculture due to the availability of highways, access to resources, and 100% electrification of the country.

Vienna in Austria is the one of the biggest innovation startup hub in DACH region and in Europe in general for more information we invite you to look at the video by clicking on the link

GVI (Gold Venture Investment) specializes in Strategic Consulting & Investment. We represent a variety of global groups of investors and funds from Israel, Europe, Asia, and the US.

GVI-Austria signed a strategic agreement with a new company in Vienna called Rea Kamberi consulting GmbH to assist Israeli and foreign startups in entering the DACH region by assisting them in opening offices in Vienna, obtaining grants from public institutions, and raising private capital from private investors.

For more information I invite you to visit the company website :

Based on GVI's process and professionalism, we improve the conversion rate of startups to successfully achieve fundraising and expand into global commercialization.

Our target is to scout potential innovative solutions based on each market's needs/demands and help Governments, Municipalities, High-Tech parks, global accelerators & Private Sectors to attract the relevant companies to launch their product and establish their entity in the relevant market.

For getting more information about the opportunities in Vienna one of the vibrant cities in Europe that could be a beta site for Israeli and foreign startups, we invite startups to set azoom meeting with us for mutual introduction and further discusion .

If you would like to set a zoom meeting with the commpany please dropan email to or send Whatsapp message to +972525256123


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