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Demo Day on Nov 30th Lithuania

GVI invite our strategic partners around the globe to Demo Day -Evolut pre-accelerator that will take place on Nov 30th @ 3:45PM Lithuania time.

Language: English

Investors would ask questions and provide feedback to the teams.

These are the startups that will pitch at this event:

STALO BROLIAI - Furniture ordering platform. Enables customers to order kitchen furniture easily.

LIGHT MIRROR - Reflective panels to bring sunlight and to reduce heating needs in hospitals and care homes.

AIRATE - Platform which provides independent wine merchants with unique wines from thousands of independent winemakers, all in one place.

FINSET - Startup advises logistics companies about recovering taxes from EU countries.

LIMEFOX - Mobile solution to enhance dining out experience. Connecting clients with restaurants via an app.

THINK.ED - Platform for learning and teaching critical thinking and problem-solving skills (later on - other XXI century skills), that goes beyond "normal" and "standard” lessons in and out of school.

LOGISTICS HOUSE - Supply chain optimization. Lowering the cost for transportation and warehouse operations.

JUDU - A mobile application for collaborating between physiotherapists and a patient to maintain continuity practice of intended and correct exercises upon returning home.

I invited GVI strategic partners participating in the Demo Day to send me feedback on which companies can assist with fundraising and expansion internationally.


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