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Calling2Scale startups bootcamp

🚀🚀Is your startup looking to scale? Don't stay behind – Calling2Scale bootcamp is taking you on a global journey

What is Calling2Scale?

A boost programme offering globalization support, practical tools, and an international network to highly disruptive European and Israeli startups.

The programme strategically and effectively prepares and enhances a company's ability to penetrate ad scale into new global markets by leveraging its network of partners and international experts What? 8-weeks bootcamp dedicated to 💊Health, ♻️Waste Management & Recycling, and ⚡Renewable Energy startups, for supporting their global market penetration.

Who can apply ?

Startups with a proven product, after a minimum of one round of funding, looking to scale up globally .

Why? 360° Tailored-Made Startup Support:

  • Fully funded 8-week bootcamp with hands-on support and tailored group workshops

  • Industry led tracks that offer expert support, access to business units, challenges, data and beta sites.

  • Top speakers from leading innovation ecosystems, such as Silicon Valley, Europe, and Israel

  • Weekly 1:1 meetings with our Growth Team to meet individual needs to ensure effective progress

  • Domain Deep Dive sessions for bootcamp tracks providing an in-depth overview of specific markets.

  • Access top tier global experts and mentors from various fields: business, leadership, marketing, regulation, etc.

  • Matchmaking with industries and potential clients.

  • One of a kind EU-IL peer learning

When? 21 April-9 June 2021 Want to hear more? Fresh from the oven our article on Geektime : 📝APPLICATION IS OPEN!


There is a section for ''comments'' if you would like that GVI would help you to riase funds from our investors please mention in " Comments " that you arive from GVI and send us an email for setting a zoom meeting with you :

**The bootcamp is fully funded for the selected startups, and subject to their active participation in the bootcamp.


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