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Assisting early-stage startups with grants and scale up to Europe!

Would you like to boost your startup and penetrate the European market?

GVI Together with strategic partners In Europe we are planning to organize an event that will be a focus on how to scale up to the European market.

The aim of the program is to support the development of the most innovative startups by combining their potential with the knowledge and resources of leading global enterprises and the experience of international mentors, helping startups to scale up on international markets.

During the program, you should get non-equity funding of up to EUR 60 000 for running a proof of concept with a corporate, and in the second phase GVI will promote the companies to GVI investors with the aim to raise Euro1 Million

During this event, GVI and its partner in Europe will present the benefits and opportunities of entering the European market.

We are very much interested in industries such as

  • Industry 4.0.

  • Fintech&Insurtech.

  • Health.

  • New Energy.

  • Martech.

  • Sustainability.

  • Smart City.

  • Retail & Autonomous Store.


  • The last day of the application: February 28th 2022

  • Selection: Mar 1st – May 10th 2022

  • Program start: Jun 3rd 2022

  • Demo Day: Jul 13th 2022

If you like to get more information and to start GVI pre-evaluation please drop me an email


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