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100 Best Industrial Innovations for International Cooperation 2022

I would like to inform you that International Technology Trade Fair on ZGC Forum will be held this year as well, under the sponsorshthe ip of International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN),the with cooperation of China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange (CISTE) and Zhongguancun Science Park. The aim of the event is to select and present t 100 Best Industrial Innovations for International Cooperation 2022.

The event was held for the first time in 2020, when contestants competed in ideas from four areas of industry, and then the vision of strengthening innovation and technological cooperation, expanding the market for technology trade and space for exchanging scientific and entrepreneurial ideas began. The event was well and strategically promoted and covered by the media, with over a million online views, and now greater media and communication support is expected, both locally and internationally.

This year, competitors face the challenge of designing and presenting innovative technological solutions from ten areas – New Generation of ICT, Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Transportation, New Materials, Modern Agriculture, New Energy, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Biotechnology and Innovative Medicine, High-end Medical Device and High-end Equipment.

During the competition, participants will have numerous benefits, which, in addition to free participation, include advice and guidance by experts, the opportunity to find investment and international cooperation and promotion. More than 100 experts from the mentioned areas will provide the competitors with guidelines for the industrialization of ideas, instructions for optimization and improvement of technology, as well as proposals for cooperation and application at, above all, the local level. In addition, participating in the Forum opens the way for competitors to find and secure investment - more than 100 global investment institutions will provide their reviews and be there to support innovative technologies.

As you probably know, I am an international committee member of ITTN and I have the opportunity to give 50 fast-track vouchers for participation in this event. This means that each technology or start-up submitted via this link will go directly into the second round of evaluations.

So if you are a startups or technology owner that are looking for good opportunities,

GVI can assist you to get high priority from the organizers.

If decide to apply please send an email to

The last day for application is August 15


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