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Raising a grant from the US for your venture!

GVI signed a partnership agreement with OpenGrant in the USA with the vision to help startups from all the range of sectors and stages to raise funds from the US market and to start their business in the American market.

OpenGrant is the easy way to win grants. OpenGrants is a grant search engine and marketplace of independent grant consultants. You can find grants on your own, or hire an expert to help you search, apply for, and manage your grant. We streamline access to billions of dollars in funding for startups, small businesses, governments, and everyone in between.

Sign up for free to get connected automatically to relevant grant funding opportunities. Reach out to live support on the platform with any questions. As you onboard, note that there is a free and pro plan that you can subscribe to.

The pro plan includes automatic grant matching, so you will never need to search for grants again. It also includes a variety of other tools that allow you to track and strategize around a grant funding effort. OpenGrants offers you free access to chat with experts on the platform, these experts can help you go from zero to ten, with experience and connections to get you started down the right path.

OpenGrants offers a variety of services for companies looking to access non-dilutive funding in the United States including incorporation, banking, virtual offices and registered agent services. We are overjoyed to be working with the GVI ecosystem and look forward to supporting the continued growth of this amazing network.

For more information how you can find the grant that suits to your requirements click on the Link.

OpenGrants is proud to support friends and customers of Gold Ventures Investment. Please click here to access the OpenGrants platform.

Once you apply for the grant via the open grant platform please send me an email and update me via the email:

We have two webinars coming up in April you are more than welcome to participate :


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