How to Successfully Negotiate Your Deal With U.S. Investors During/After the Pandemic? May 7 -11:00

11:00 am - 11:45 am EST • U.S. Investors Panel “Coronavirus impact of term sheets: What terms are the most important to investors now and why?" Q&A to follow.



Mike Edelhart, Managing Partner at Social Starts and Joyance Partners

Colin Breeze, Founder at Breeze Ventures Management

Anupam Rastogi, General Partner, Emergent Ventures

Farhan Lalji, Investor, Anthemis


Anna Tutova, CEO, Coinstelegram

Stewart Rogers, Senior Editor, Grit Daily


11:45 am – 12:30 pm ESTWorkshop “Introduction to startup finance: key terms and how to negotiate the best deal "


  • Overview of equity, SAFE, and convertible debt: definitions and pros & cons

  • What is KISS?

  • Anti-dilution clauses

  • Warrants

  • Control and information rights

  • Five tips on negotiating your deal successfully

  • Q&A.

Instructor: Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, The Startup Station

This event is for European and U.S startups who are:

  • Raising a first or second series round

  • Product on the market

  • Initial traction demonstrated – validated a product-market fit

For participation in the webinar ,please click on the link

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