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"How to Assess SaaS Startups"!

Dear ni,

We are glad to share with you webinar on "How to Assess SaaS Startups", co - hosted by EBAN member, Verve Ventures.

You can now rewatch the full webinar here and download the full presentation made by our guest speaker, David Sidler, Head of Investor Relations at Verve Ventures.

Do you want more? Read a Report and Watch a Roundtable by Verve Ventures!

Because we can give you more: On top of watching the full webinar, you can also watch this roundtable on exits featuring two software entrepreneurs and Michael Blank, the head of Verve's investment team. But we are not stopping there! You can also read the report "How to asses Software-as-a-Service Companies" also produced by Verve. If you want to know more about Verve Ventures please contact David at


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