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GVI build strong partneship with ARIS Accelrtaor based in Cyprus .

Are you ready to take your start-up to the next level?

ARIS welcomes applications from aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about their idea and have the vision and drive to build a successful start-up.

For more information about ARIS i invite you to click on the link

We are looking for start-ups that:

  1. Have solid growth potential in the global market.

  2. Focus on the development of a technology-based innovative product/service with an existing proof of concept or prototype and ideally an MVP.

  3. Consist of a dedicated and capable team consisting of at least two founders.

The following training workshops will be included in the program:

  • How to pitch your idea? Tips for the perfect pitch

  • Business Model - Revenue Model Training

  • How to develop a successful tech based start-up

  • Financing your venture /Funding Opportunities for start-ups

  • Security Awareness workshop

  • Develop a successful marketing strategy

  • Financial Projections

  • Legal and Tax issues for start-ups

  • Business Plan Presentation

  • Valuation of start-ups

For motre information click on the link

ARIS call for applications is now open! Applications will remain open until 31/07/2021!


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